Encouragement: The Essential Factor for Young Musicians

Published on 1 April 2024 at 20:40

The encouragement a young musician receives from teachers and family members can play a decisive role in their journey to becoming a musician.

The many facets of becoming a musician often revert to this powerful word: encouragement. The effects of positive encouragement for young people aiming to become performers are far-reaching and take the individual a long way. Naturally, this idea also applies to other fields where someone applies themselves toward a specific goal.

Who and what contributes to such encouragement? And what are their roles in preparing competent musicians for today's world?

Many factors help young people achieve their goals. That means encouragement does not necessarily mean saying wonderful comments but can take on different forms in one's musical journey.

The home environment
Assisting Young Children in Practicing
The Role Music Teachers Play
The Community

The Home Environment

It takes incredible focus and concentration to master a skill on a specific instrument; consequently, time and effort are vital.
The home environment is an important aspect that promotes a child's growth in music. A musician's life begins at home, and incomparable support for a young child to play music assists in excelling in this field. Parents and family members must support budding young artists by providing a peaceful setting so their children can practice their instruments.

Assisting Young Children in Practicing

Supervising a child's practice schedule and listening to their practice sessions at home is essential. At least for some time until children are capable of practicing on their own. Children might need help to keep up with such demands on their time. In this manner, the needs of loved ones are honored consistently and daily.

The Role Music Teachers Play

Teachers, instructors, and coaches also play their part in helping young musicians succeed. Appropriate instruction tailored to each child's capabilities and needs is essential.

Weekly lessons, participation in ensembles, and junior orchestras contribute to excellent musicianship. Children also need appropriate feedback from their teachers, accompanied by positive reinforcement. That dramatically affects how children progress and become motivated to continue.

Resourceful teachers can also help children when difficulties arise in achieving specific technical goals. For instance, a musician might encounter technical issues relating to their instrument when learning certain pieces. These are normal, as each instrument poses different challenges. Teachers can encourage students through their competencies in resolving issues that will bring forth the necessary motivation and support that a young artist needs.

A young artist needs exposure to being on stage and gaining experience of stage presence by performing. In that regard, being in ensembles and having orchestral experience with supportive individuals also assist in their development. Another example is touring, as my daughter has toured a couple of times, playing in ensembles for different audiences. Touring can give a young musician a different perspective and encourage them to pursue their musical careers.

The Community

The young child's community can also contribute mainly in terms of encouragement. When I was young, my high school administration always asked my peers and me to perform on special occasions and school functions. Another example is when I always performed during the recitals at the music conservatory where I studied. We also had family events when we played for each other, as my siblings and I studied music. As I progressed and eventually studied music at the university, my practice and performances increased multifold. And that helped develop my musicianship.

These experiences assisted me in building confidence, and I gained the necessary skills by getting on stage and playing for audiences.

Encouragement establishes confidence, inspires motivation, and anchors a young artist's musical journey on solid grounds.

How do you support your child in excelling in music? Please share in the comments below.

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